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Tueday Bantering: Buck Martinez, Ohtani, Soto

Texas Rangers v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Cole Burston/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday.

I’m in a good mood. I finally got my weight under 180, which has been a goal since I got it under 190 pounds (which was a big deal cause it went way up in the last few months of Covid lockdown times). I’ve been close to 180 several times, but there would be a minor injury, a holiday, or something that would bounce it back up.

There is some Jays stuff.

Buck Martinez is this year’s winner of the Jack Graney Award, which is given out to a representative of the media who has made a significant contribution to the game of baseball in Canada through their life’s work or for a singular outstanding achievement.

I’m surprised that Buck hasn’t won it before, but he is very deserving. Congratulations Buck.

And there are, as always, more Shohei Ohtani rumours. He met with Jays' front office folks in Dunedin, getting a tour of their facilities there and the big sales pitch.

And apparently, he has ‘a positive feeling’ about Toronto.

People talk about him, saying that he didn’t want a meeting with any team becoming public, but Ohtani isn’t an idiot. He knows these things come out. We know he met with the Giants and with the Dodgers.

I figure this will drag out at least a couple more weeks.

And there is this:

It sounds like Jays' trade for Juan Soto would involve Alek Manoah. I’m not big on trading low, but I think I’d be ok with that one, depending on who else went to the Padres.

The Jays are interested in Isaac Paredes to fill their current hole at third base.