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Off-Topic: Who Are You Cheering For In The Super Bowl?

Super Bowl LVII - Previews Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

There is this football game today, American football, differing from football that they play in the rest of the world in that, with this football, they very rarely use their feet.

I thought I’d ask who you are cheering for in today’s game.

I don’t have an NFL team. I like watching the game without caring who wins (unless I want t cheer against a particular player). But I have a friend who is a big Chiefs fan, so I guess I’ll cheer for them. But we are in the middle of Dry February, so it won’t be the loud, alcohol-fueled cheering it might have been.

The Eagles are the favourites to win, but the point spread is pretty close.

Please give us your prediction for the final score or anything else you might want to predict in the comments.


Which team are you cheering for today?

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Are you excited for Rihanna’s half time show?

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  • 23%
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  • 49%
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  • 27%
    Who is Rihanna?
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