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Thursday Bantering: Jays Bits

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MLB: OCT 07 ALWC Game 1 - Mariners at Blue Jays Photo by Julian Avram/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

I had something I haven’t had for years. A non-alcohol beer. They have improved in the many years since I tried one. This was a dark “beer,” and it tasted like a dark beer.

Why? Because some friends and I are doing Dry February and trying to raise a few dollars for the Canadian Cancer Society at the same time. If you had a few dollars that you intended to give to a worthy cause, here is the link to my Dry February page.

There isn’t much for Jays' news.

Keith Law has his annual ranking of the MLB Minor League systems and surprisingly to me, the Jays are 17th on the list. After a few years of graduating and trading prospects, I figured they would be further back.

But he says:

The Blue Jays depleted their system with trades and promotions, down to just the one top-100 guy (Ricky Tiedemann), but they still have a deep reserve of middle-infield prospects signed by their international scouting department, along with a couple of outfielders, who are mostly still unrealized potential and just need to get healthy or gain a full year of at-bats. Tiedemann is the pitching prize, but his teammates at Double-A New Hampshire later in the year, like Yosver Zulueta and Hayden Juenger, could be up sooner as bullpen pieces (even as potential long-term starters).

So there is hope for the future.

At the top of his list are the Dodgers, Guardians, and Orioles. At the bottom are the Tigers, Braves and White Sox.

And someone I had never heard of said something nasty about Alek Manoah's weight and time spent in the gym. Alek wasn’t thrilled:

I think anyone who has watched baseball for any length of time, should know that ball players come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes it isn’t the ones you wouldn’t expect who have the longest careers.

And there was a video posted of Manoah’s workouts:

Use the comments to talk about anything Jays-related that interests you. Have a good Thursday.