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Spring GameThread: Jays @ Pirates

Baseball is BACK!!!

Baltimore Orioles v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

I’m away for a month, a holiday in Australia and New Zealand (well, we were going on holiday.....apparently, they are getting a little bit of snow in Vancouver and our flight there is cancelled. Insert joke about people from Vancouver here) (actually, they are getting a huge dump of snow, and we have no idea when/if we are leaving).

I’ll likely be able to watch the start of the game unless they find a way to get us to the land where everything can kill you between now and then.

The first Jays spring game has us visiting the Pirates in Bradenton. The game is going to be Sportsnet as well as

We have a number of regulars playing in today’s game:

Today's Lineups

Cavan Biggio - 2B Oneil Cruz - SS
Santiago Espinal - SS Rodolfo Castro - 3B
Vladimir Guerrero - 1B Carlos Santana - 1B
Daulton Varsho - DH Andrew McCutchen - DH
Danny Jansen - C Austin Hedges - C
Addison Barger - 3B Miguel Andujar - LF
Otto Lopez - RF Jack Suwinski - CF
Nathan Lukes - CF Connor Joe - RF
Vinny Capra - LF Ji Hwan Bae - 2B
Yusei Kikuchi - LHP Mitch Keller - RHP

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