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Better Know Your Blue Jays 40-man: Otto Lopez

Toronto Blue Jays v Baltimore Orioles - Game One Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Otto Lopez is a 24-year-old utility infielder/outfielder, right-handed hitter from the Dominican Republic. He’s been playing some outfield for the last couple of years. The team figured if he was going to be a utility player, he ought to be able to fill in all over the field.

He’s had ten plate appearances over the past two seasons since being added to the 40-man before the 2021 season.

Last year, he played 91 games for the Bisons, hitting .297/.3778/.415 with 6 triples and 3 home runs, with 14 steals. You’d think a line like that would get him more of a chance in the majors. He is a line-drive hitter. Not much power, but he has the speed to pick up extra bases and beat out ground balls.

Defensively? Well, Matt put it this way (in his profile as our #7 prospect before last season):

Defensively, he could fill in at shortstop in a pinch, but even back in 2019 at Lansing it was pretty clear that was about it. That limits his value as a utility player, but he can handle second base and the outfield with plus speed. The likeliest outcome is he’s a complimentary player in a bench role, but there’s some possibility that he hits his way to more of a fringe average role.

Otto has been error-prone at short, with 35 in 127 games at the position in the minors, for a .923 FA. If he was going to be a regular, second base or center field might be a good spot for him. Unfortunately for Otto, with the team in ‘win now’ mode, they prefer veterans in those spots (and all others, for that matter).

Of course, a center field platoon of Kevin Kiermaier and Lopez would be interesting (and very, very unlikely).

The way things are, he’s best off waiting for a shot at a utility role, do a good job when he gets the chance and hope for the best.

This will be Otto’s last option year (presuming he’s optioned, which is a very safe bet), so it would be good if he could show what he can do.

If not, a trade to a team willing to give a younger player a chance would seem like a plan. Maybe the A’s would like another Jays prospect? As much as it seems to never work out for them.

Steamer doesn’t think that Lopez will get a good shot this year. It sees him getting 14 PA this year.


If the over/under on Lopez’ MLB PA is 14 I’d take the

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Where will Lopez get the most playing time this season?

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If it was your decision, and the choice of the 26th man was Lopez or Biggio, who would you pick?

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