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Today in Blue Jays History: Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Walk-Off Home Run

MLB: Spring Training-St. Louis Cardinals at Toronto Blue Jays Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Five Years Ago Today

The Jays were playing a rather forgettable spring game in Montreal. Nothing much happened until the bottom of the ninth inning. The score was 0-0 when Vladimir Guerrero approached the plate, and the post titles gave it away.

The great part about it is that if you listen to the clip below, Buck Martinez suggests what is about to happen as Vlad approaches the plate. I’m not Buck’s biggest fan, but he does a great job on the call of this.

We wouldn’t see Vlad in a regular season MLB game until the end of April 2019.

Since then? Guerrero has played four seasons in the majors, 504 games, with 104 home runs and a .284/.358/.504 batting line.

Time flies.