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Fangraphs has done their annual positional rankings and it's complete, so I thought I'd make a list of where the Jays finished. Note that this isn't the best player at the position, it's all the players that are projected to play in that position. Hint: It's mostly good news.

Position out of all teams / fWAR value

C - 1st / 5.7
1B - 3rd / 4.4
2B - 18th / 3.0
SS - 7th / 4.6
3B - 7th / 4.8
RF - 6th / 3.7
CF - 10th / 3.8
LF - 7th / 3.1
DH - 4th / 2.8

SP - 11th / 12.7
RP - 13th / 2.3

Average positional rating? 8.09

From my point of view, I feel like the rotation will be better than that, and CF not quite as valuable.

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