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Question Time

What’s the most memorable in-person encounter you’ve had with a member of the Jays organization?

Tampa Bay Rays v. Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Thomas Skrlj/MLB Photos via Getty Images

I have a few things going on this morning and no time for a real post, so let's ask a question:

What's the most memorable in-person encounter you've had with a member of the Jays organization? Tell us the story. It can be as simple as an autograph or maybe, a player saved your life.

Me? Getting to talk to Brian Butterfield would be it. It was the first time I was allowed to interview someone with the Blue Jays. It isn't an exciting story, but if you missed the interview, it is here: Part one, part two and part three.

We've had other interviews since, but that was the first, so it is clear in my memory.

I talked to Alex Anthopoulos once at spring training in Dunedin. Through the PR department, I had tried to do things properly, but that didn't go anywhere. So then I was standing by this fence, and Alex was on the other side. I introduced myself, mentioned that we had emailed a bit when he was assistant GM, and invited me into a quiet area to talk. Afterwards, a friend told me that the Jays' PR guy stared at us all through and did not appear happy. One of the first things Alex asked was, 'Did you try going through the PR people?'. When I said yes, he said, 'And they blew you off, right?'. Yep.

So tell us your story.

Our friends at FOCO have another Jays' bobblehead. This one is of Alejandro Kirk, celebrating his Silver Slugger award.

It is eight inches tall, a limited edition, just 96 made. FOCO bobbleheads are very good quality. I have half a dozen of them looking down at me where I’m sitting at the moment. They aren’t cheap, but they do tend to sell out.

I’m not sure it would work as a Mother’s Day gift, I guess it depends on your mom.