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Monday Bantering: Bits of Jays Stuff

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

We start a series with the Royals tonight. I plan to watch the game in a bar. Tom_M and I will watch where there is endless alcohol, just in case it is like yesterday’s game (if you are in Calgary and want to join us, send me a note). It is a 7:40 Eastern start.

It seems the rule changes are doing what MLB wanted them to do.

Steals are way up. Batting averages are up. And game time is down.

The batting averages are up because of more singles.

Shi Davidi has a post on Chris Bassitt’s start.

“We’ll go over all of it,” Bassitt said of his process in the coming days. “Release heights, all that stuff, see if I was tipping, any aspect of it. We have a lot of people working that stuff, so we’ll figure out what happened. And sometimes you’ve just got to say they were a really good team and they beat the heck out of me today.”

The Cardinals did that while employing a more aggressive approach than usual, as he was ambushed right from the first pitch when Brendan Donovan turned on an 89.4 m.p.h. fastball and sent it over the wall in left. One pitch later, Alec Burleson launched a 91.1 m.p.h. four-seamer to left and after a two-out Willson Contreras single, Nolan Gorman yanked a first-pitch curveball over the centre-field wall for a 4-0 lead.

Alek Manoah will do a weekly segment on the MLB Network’s MLB Central. I feel there will be much complaining about this, but it would be interesting to watch. There first one is at 10:30 Eastern tomorrow.

If you didn’t see Addison Barger’s home run on Saturday, here it is, curtsey a Keegan Matheson tweet:

The guys playing second base might want to get off to a good start.

I’ll mention a Foco Bo Bichette ‘Large Head’ Bobblehead because I like it.