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Tuesday Bantering: Last Night’s Umpire Scorecard

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Kansas City Royals Peter Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

The Umpire Scorecard for last night’s game is better than I thought, but it isn't good.

Generally, the losing team is favoured in a blowout game because umpires are human, and we cheer for the underdog as a general rule.

Cavan Biggio got particularly ripped off. Two of the three worst calls were against him, and, as you can see, the strike three call on him in the second inning was further off the plate than any of the other pitches.

The umpire wasn’t why we lost the game, but I still would like robo-umpires.

A story on ‘theScore’ has Alex Verdugo complaining about how Alek Manoah behaves on the mound.

I’m normally on the ‘if you don’t like it play better’ side. It isn’t a good idea to fire up the other side, but that’s not up to me. There are a lot of baseball games in a season, and sometimes players aren’t all that locked in. I don’t think getting them all fired up is a great idea. But some guys need to do things to fire themselves up. Alek seems to be one of those guys.

Today’s Buffalo Bisons game has been postponed because of rain.

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