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Around The Nest 2023 - Episode 1: What are These Weird Glasses?

The Toronto Blue Jays minor league podcast is back for a 12th season!

Photo by Tyler Zickel

Around The Nest is a podcast where we bring together the broadcasters of the Toronto Blue Jays’ minor league system to give fans first-hand insights and anecdotes from the farm.

This year, we’ve joined up with Greg Wisniewski and Joshua Howsam’s brilliant “Artificial Turf Wars” Blue Jays prospect and we can be found every two weeks (or so) sprinkled between their weekly shows. Search “Artificial Turf Wars” wherever you get your podcasts.

This week, host Tyler Zickel (Vancouver Canadians) is joined by Pat Malacaro (Buffalo Bisons) and Steve Goldberg (New Hampshire Fisher Cats) to talk about how Blue Jays prospects have started the 2023 season. Pat introduces listeners to the hand gestures that can be used to challenge an automated ball and strike call, Ernie Clement’s hot start, and who is in the early running to be a spot starter for the Toronto Blue Jays. Steve gives us an update on Ricky Tiedemann, Jimmy Burnette’s uptick in fastball velocity, and the strong starts by Leo Jimenez, Trevor Schwecke, Dylan Rock, and Surrey’s Damiano Palmegiani. Tyler thinks Vancouver is the most talented team in the Blue Jays’ farm system. Devereaux Harrison, Justin Kelly, and Dahian Santos have seen velo increases, Riley Tirotta is the Canadians’ (and perhaps the Northwest League’s) hottest hitter, and coach Ashley Stephenson’s work with infielder Josh Kasevich using a special pair of glasses.