Anyone here familiar with The Trop? (May 22)

Going to be in the Tampa area when Jays are there, and looking to get tickets to a game, probably the first game of the series, Monday, May 22.

Wondering if anybody here is familiar with seating/viewpoints at The Trop.

Thinking either sections 125 or 127, which is by the visitor bullpen. I think this would give a decent view, but is behind the netting, so likely wouldn't have the possibility of getting a foul ball (unless it is a pop up). I think there might be season ticket holder seating the first few rows.

The other option I was thinking was section 139, which is basically the left field foul pole area - good place to maybe get a Vladdy laserbeam homer? (and it is cheaper)

Would be nice to be among fellow Jays fans, but I know there is no way to know this ahead of time; just luck of the draw.

Anyway, if anyone has recommendations, let me know! Thanks.

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