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Around The Nest 2023 - Episode 4: Shake & Bake Snow Cones

An update on Brandon Barriera’s performance before his injury and more!

Mason Fluharty and T.J. Brock, the Shake & Bake pair, have had an enduring bromance.
Tyler Zickel

On this week of Around The Nest, the Blue Jays minor league podcast, we have a full nest from up and down the system.

Pat Malacaro (Bisons) speaks about the Bisons’ low-slugging lineup, Cameron Eden’s role as a second leadoff guy, and Paxton Schultz’s solid debut. We welcome new Nester Chris Valentine, the voice of the Dunedin Blue Jays, and his moustache. Chris who talks about the ebbs and flows of hitting and pitching in low-A, Brandon Barriera’s performance ahead of his injury, Ryan Jennings preventing barrels, and some tough times for Tucker Toman and Manuel Beltre. Gareth Kwok (Fisher Cats) returns and give us an update on the double-A team that is now five games over .500 on the road, Leo Jimenez’s bat heating up since an IL stint, and chats with Tyler Zickel (Canadians) about the “Shake & Bake” duo of Mason Fluharty and T.J. Brock. Tyler then tells us about Garrett Spain’s game-winning grand slam.