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Jansen Hits 2 Home Runs, But Jays Lose

Toronto Blue Jays v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Blue Jays 2 Orioles 4

That was slightly irritating.

Yusei Kikuchi had a, relatively, good start. Relatively, 4.2 innings, 6 hits, 2 earned, 2 walks and 7 strikeouts.

One of the runs came in the first. With two outs, there was a walk (with a very iffy strike call). A wild pitch. And a single, with a ball call on what could have/could have been strike three, costing us big. Yunsei had started off the mound, and the bench started on the umpire.

The other in the fifth, an Adley Rutschman home run.

Yimi Garcia gave up three, two-out singles in the sixth for another run. The third one was a 97 mph grounder that went through Vlad at first. A tough play, but then a play we needed made.

Erik Swanson game up a solo homer in the eighth to put us down by two, going into the ninth inning. Nate Pearson pitched an excellent seventh, and I figured he would get the eighth, but I guess John wants Nate available for Saturday’s bullpen day.

On offense, well, all of it was off Danny Jansen’s bat. He had two solo homers (as well as a single). Yesterday he looked overmatched at the plate. Today, he was a world-beater.

We had eight hits on the day. Three for Danny. Two for Vlad (the two hardest hit balls of the game, 116 and 112 mph). Bo, Daulton and Whit had one each.

Chapman, Kiermaier and Springer had particularly rough days at the plate, going a combined 0 for 12 with 6 strikeouts.

Cavan Biggio was also 0 for but had a walk. And in the ninth, hit a ball higher than the foul pole in right. It was called foul, but it was impossible to tell if it was foul or fair without it going past the pole.

Once again, RISP was our nemesis, with an 0-6.

There were some poor moments with the gloves as well.

Matt Chapman had a couple of plays where he needed to rush and had the ball come out of his hand. I don’t think he had a shot on either play, but I’d have liked to see if I was wrong.

Vlad had that ball go through him (very tough play), but he also ranged way over toward second to miss a grounder. The ball went straight to Merrifield, but he couldn’t hit Kikuchi with the throw to first. Vlad’s gotta know when the ball is going straight to the second baseman and cover his bag. That was an easy play if done right. This play happens way too much.

And Varsho had two balls hit to left that fell in front of him. One, he stepped back when he needed to be coming in. The other he let fall just in front of him.

Jays of the Day: Jansen (.270 WPA).

The Other Award: Chapman (-.219, 0 for 4, 3 k, leaving guys on base too much), Garcia (-.142, barely fair, could have been helped by his defense), Springer (-.134, 0 for 3, 1 k), Kiermaier (-.131, 0 for 4, 2 k) and Merrifield (-.095, 1 for 3, walk).

The jays are now 38-32. Last year at 70 games, they were 40-30. We were told there was no chance they would make the playoffs both years. Personally, I’m willing to see how it turns out. I get that everyone wants to be first to say the season’s over (don’t worry, we gave out that award weeks ago), but maybe we don’t need it in the GameThread of every loss.