This Guy. This #$%@'n Guy

Sandy Alcanterra That's Sandy Alcantara.

2-5 record, 4.63 ERA. Throws right. So far this season: 88.2 Innings, 81H, 51R, 49ERs, 8HRs, 27BB, 72Ks

Right around 0.3 WAR this season. Opp BA ~.243

Throws Fourseam ~98mph (!), Sinker ~97mph, Change ~91mph, Slider 87mph. Has a curve but has real issues with it getting crushed into the atmosphere. He stays away from it.

Gets a lot of movement on that slider but he has trouble getting it for strikes. No matter. He can rare back and reach for almost 100mph on his heater. That's a great finishing pitch. If he can locate it. And that's his issue. He throws more balls than strikes. Gonna take some patience and plate D to wait this guy out. Vlad especially. This guy likes to get up in your kitchen so you have to be prepared to jump back. The tendency is to pitch Vlad away to 2 strikes then get him out with one near the brisket. Alcantara can do that.

Anyhow, he IS gettable and will let a bunch of guys on base with missing his spots. If we get some root vegetable calling the balls and strikes again, this could go badly for our hitters. If the zone is competent then I think we have a real shot at this #$%@'n Guy.

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