This Guy. This #$%@'n Guy (Ryan Walker)

Ryan Walker This is Ryan Walker.

Per Alex Pavlovic, of NBC Sports Bay Area, this #$%@'n Guy will serve as opener vs Our Guys today.

He's 27 and about 6' 2", 200 lb if he's trimmed the beard. Throws right. This season 2 wins, 1 loss, ~1.9ERA & 1.27 WHIP across 19 innings. He's served as opener before. Strikes out about 1 per innings since he has 20 SOs this season.

He induces a lot of soft contact, especially low and away. The best batting average against him seems to be middle in while he strikes out most of this opponents low and away. It's no surprise that his locates the bulk of his junk low and away.

He throws a sinker and a slider. Sinker rips in there at 95mph and that slider droops across the zone at 83.2mph. He gets a lot chases out of the zone.

The plan vs him should be to attack that fastball. That sinker does not have elite spin since it sits at the 42nd percentile for spin rate. This grades out as poor spin. His Slider is pretty deceptive but it's rarely a strike. He'll tempt you with that fastball and throw a slider off it to induce a chase.

Our Boys have a real good chance vs This #$%@'n Guy. His first pitch is often that FB. Vlad will chase that slider, because he often chases low and away. It would be to everyone's advantage to go after this guy first pitch. Everyone except Vlad. He should take a few and see if this This #$%@'n Guy comes into the zone.

Go Jays

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