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Thursday Bantering: Bass Ackwards Press Conference

Milwaukee Brewers v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Cole Burston/Getty Images

There are things I hate to talk about. I like baseball. I like talking about baseball. But sometimes Blue Jays things happen that need to be mentioned.

So however your day is going, Ross Atkins' day is worse.

Ross comes out and says:

And then Anthony Bass goes and proves his boss totally wrong.


I love ‘everyone is allowed their personal beliefs’. Yes, yes you are. Your belief the earth is flat, you are allowed to be wrong. And in this case, Bass is allowed to be wrong, but we are allowed to point it out.

Him saying “I mean no harm to any groups of people,” but then I agree with people that call them evil and want to wipe them off the earth. You don’t get to have both sides. You can’t agree with people who want to harm others and then say, ‘I mean no harm”. That doesn’t scan. The video said that pride-themed stuff is evil and demonic, that says ‘I mean you harm’.

I don’t know what the Jays do from here. He’s pretty tough to trade at the moment. He hasn’t built a lot of trade value with his play, then putting his team in a spot where they really need to dump him, I don’t see a trade happening.

Ross was the only person I’ve seen say that Bass’ apology was genuine.

Stoeten got it:

Adding this, because I’m almost sure it is a joke. Almost sure.