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2023 MLB Draft Day Two Open Thread

2023 MLB Draft presented by Nike Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

The 2023 MLB Draft resumes at 2:00 PM eastern for rounds 3-10, live streamed as usual on It’s a much quicker pace today with one minute between picks, and just Jonathan Mayo and Jim Callis in studio for analysis rather than the inimitable Harold Reynolds and crew.

Assuming first rounder Arjun Nimmala signs at or around the slot value of $3.746-million for the 20th overall pick, then the Blue Jays have about $3-million that can be spent against their $6,529,700 (including the 5% overage without draconian penalties). Most of that will likely be allocated over the next several hours, so let’s see what direction the Jays take and if they can unearth a gem. Do they take a big swing at a prospect who fell and then offset with underslot senior signs? Or play it straight up?