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Top 10 worst food deals at the Rogers Centre

By the calories per dollar metric, that is.

Refrigerator at the Tap and Go store inside the Rogers Centre
Minor Leaguer

Earlier this season I looked at the Top 10 best food deals at the Blue Jays’ Rogers Centre—if all you cared was maximizing calorie intake per dollar. Now, here I present the most expensive options at the Rogers Centre and some alternative options available.

10. Gluten-Free Hot Dog and Field Roast Frank ($6.49 ÷ 220 kcal = 2.95¢ per kcal)

These specialty hot dogs may be your only option at the Fort York Market if you have a wheat-free or meat-free diet but still want to celebrate with the Loonie Dogs crowd on Tuesdays, but they will cost you almost three pennies per kilocalorie. Vegans and vegetarians, it will cost you more but the veggie dog at the Kosher stand is $9.39 for 360 Calories (2.61 cents per Calorie), or you can step up to the Corona Rooftop Patio and get a plant based wurst for $12.99 which earns you a whopping 590 Calories (2.20 cents per Calorie).

9. Value Pretzel Bites ($4.55 ÷ 140 kcal = 3.25¢ per kcal)

Don’t let the “Value” in the name or the fact that these are sold at the “Dugout Deals” stalls trick you to thinking that these are a good value! At 3.25 cents per Calorie, these are significantly more expensive per calorie than the warm soft pretzel you can get at the Kosher stand, which are $6.69 but gives you 340 Calories (1.97 cents per Calorie) or the jumbo pretzel at various other concession stands around the ‘Dome, which will only set you back $5.99 for 280 Calories (2.14 cents per Calorie).

8. Mr. Freeze Jumbo Freezies ($3.29 ÷ 100 kcal = 3.29¢ per kcal)

I’ll be honest: these freezies are an amazing way to cool down if you attend a mid-summer afternoon game with the roof pulled back. Not a great value from a caloric stance, but they will help keep you from heat stroke.

7. Candy Floss ($5.89 ÷ 170 kcal = 3.44¢ per kcal)

Speaking of honesty, it’s not lying if you tell your dentist that you floss if you buy a bag of these pink and blue sugar clouds at the park.

6. Fresh Crudite Platter ($14.99 ÷ 400 kcal = 3.75¢ per kcal)

You will only get a few pieces of broccoli, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, and a small tub of dip for an astronomical amount of money. Remember: you can bring in your own raw vegetables (or whatever else you want to eat) to the Rogers Centre.

5. Souvenir Mr. Freeze Slush ($8.85 ÷ 230 kcal = 3.85¢ per kcal)

Considering that they brand the cup these are served in as a “souvenir”, the effective cost per Calorie may be a bit lower, but does anyone actually treasure these souvenir cups?

Screenshot of Homer Simpson holding a stack of 64 slices of American cheese

4? Extra Cheese ($2.50 ÷ 60 kcal = 4.17¢ per kcal)

At various places that sell burgers, you can put cheese on your patty for $2.50, a pretty hefty price for 60 Calories of yellow ooze. That may enhance your sandwich, but ordering 64 slices of American cheese at the Rogers Centre will cost you $160 (and may make you go blind).

4. Grab & Go Sushi ($12.95 ÷ 165 kcal = 7.85¢ per kcal)

Pre-made sushi at the ballpark does not sound like a great idea from a taste or gastrointestinal point of view, but a look at the price tag should make you toss these back. If you want to have decent sushi at the Rogers Centre, stop by the Kibo Sushi House across the street from the stadium before the game and take it into the stadium. A spicy salmon combo (6 pieces of spicy salmon maki, 6 pieces of spicy California roll, and a spicy tuna handroll will set you back $19.90 for 680 kcal, or just 2.79 cents per Calorie).

3. Park Social Shaved Ice ($6.49 ÷ 80 kcal = 8.11¢ per kcal)

Park Social is an area at the Rogers Centre; the shaved ice is not particularly social. Packing just 80 Calories, you will need access to a slush fund to justify ordering one of these, although, you get to pick between blue raspberry, cherry, pineapple, or bubble-gum flavours.

2. JUICY POP Fruit Pops ($4.49 ÷ 40 kcal = 11.23¢ per kcal)

Being mostly water is a theme of this list (bottles of Smartwater costs $6.19, or ∞ cents per Calorie) and should not be purchased if you are looking to maximize energy intake.

1. Fruit Berry Cup ($8.99 ÷ 80 kcal = 11.24¢ per kcal)

A small cup of strawberries, rasperries, blueberries, and a mint leaf is a healthy, refreshing snack, but it’s really not worth it to get from the Grab and Go store. It’s hard to eat healthy when for 70 cents more you can get a 800 kcal brownie sundae in a mini helmet at Park Social (1.21 cents per Cal).

Of course, I’m not food police so I won’t judge you for buying any of these things at a Blue Jays game if that’s what you want. We’re here for a fun time, not a long time.