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Trade Deadline Day Open Thread

Los Angeles Angels v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Mark Blinch/Getty Images

There is bound to be some action on the trade front today. If not from the Jays, from some other teams. So let's have to thread where we can chat about them as they happen.

There were a few moves yesterday:

  • The Angels picked up Randal Grichuk and C.J. Cron. Grichuk would have been a good pick-up for the Jays.
  • The Rangers got Max Scherzer and Jordan Montgomery.
  • The Braves added Nicky Lopez.

The Jays added to the bullpen with Jordan Hicks and Génesis Cabrera.

We could use a right-handed batter (one who we would actually use. Lane Thomas? Teoscar Hernandez? Tim Anderson? Jonathan India? (oh never mine, I see he has plantar fasciitis. Since I’ve been dealing with that for the past year, we don’t want him). There are likely a couple of dozen others out there.

Use the thread to discuss any rumours, trades, or pipe dreams you have for the Jays. Wouldn’t it be great to have Marcus Stroman back?