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Blue Jays No-Hit By Tigers

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Detroit Tigers Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Blue Jays 0 Tigers 2

Very quick recap.

We didn't get a hit. It started well, Bo was hit by pitch, Belt walked and I thought it w fouls be like yesterday. Nope. Other than that, Whit Merrifield reached second, an then decided to try to steal third. Unfortunately it didn't wait for Manning to throw to the plate. A turn and throw and he was out. After that I think Cavan Biggio was the only other to reach base, on a walk.

Kevin Gausman has trouble in the go first, giving up 2 runs. Apparently he warmed up and ended up sitting for a long time. After the first he was great, not that it mattered.

Pearson pitched 1.2, why pull him with one out left? Garcia got the last out.

JoD Gausman.

Others Award: all the batters.