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2023 MLB Draft Day 1 Open Thread

The first two rounds and all the associated supplementals on Day 1 of the 2023 Draft.

2023 MLB Draft presented by Nike Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

The 2023 MLB Draft gets underway tonight with the first two rounds tonight starting at 7:00 PM eastern. Unlike last year when the Blue Jays had two extra supplemental picks and significant strategic flexibility with four total, this year the Jays have just the 20th overall pick having forfeited their second round pick for signing Chris Bassitt (and consequently one of the smallest overall signing bonus pools).

While they’re locked out of the the board, there will be plenty of future value left on the board, and I’ve increasingly come to to view that it’s more about who you take than you pick. So will the Jays find their their next regular to debut in a couple years? Whomever falls to them and however they play it, that pick should occur sometime between 9PM and 10PM eastern (probable closer to the latter).