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Trade Deadline Thoughts

Photo-sp-dimanno1aug R.J. Johnston Toronto Star/Toronto Star via Getty Images

It was an underwhelming trade deadline, not just for the Blue Jays but for most teams. More teams felt they were still in the race than usual, so the selling teams could set their prices high.

The Jays picked up a pair of relievers, one lefty, Génesis Cabrera and one righty, Jordan Hicks. Plus an infielder, Paul DeJong, will be really handy with Bo Bichette out for an unknown period.

But we didn’t get the right-handed bat (unless you consider DeJong that guy). Many of the right-handed bats who were expected to be moving didn’t.

I was surprised at them picking up relievers. I figured Chad Green would be the addition to our pen. Adding two more seemed something like overkill, but then since the Jays seem to have this inability to run up the score, having a lot of high-leverage relievers might be a good plan. And we were overworking the guys we have.

Cabrera has looked really good (ignoring last night’s game, which I’m trying very hard to do). Hicks? Well hard to go wrong with a guy who throws over 100 mph, if we can get him into the strike zone.

When Bichette comes back, DeJong can play second and be an upgrade on Santiago Espinal.

And I’m happy that the Jays didn’t give up any of their top prospects.

Anyway, let’s have a poll. And use the comments to discuss.


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