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Toronto Blue Jays v Colorado Rockies Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

This should have happened before yesterday’s game, but I can understand hoping that Belt would be able to play.

Anyway, Brandon Belt has been placed on the IL. Nathan Lukes has been called up.

Tonight’s Jays lineup:

This was just a bad moment:

I guess we are all entitled a mistake now and then, but that was a bad one. We haven’t seen many ‘third disengagments’ this season. I figured we would see more. But this one was just bad. All the mattered in that moment was the batter at the plate. But Bassitt figured the runner could get down the line before the pitch made it there. Wrong.

This is likely the best play at third we will see this season. Between this and his home run, he was among the few Jays to have a good game yesterday. I didn’t think he had the arm to make that throw to first.

Génesis Cabrera had a rough night too. But that was his 23rd game with the Jays and only the third time he’s had any earned runs against (and the second time he’s had more than one earned). All relievers had an off day now and then. That was a bad time to have an off day, but they happen.