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Game #156 GameThread

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Tampa Bay Rays Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

Well, yesterday went poorly but the Mariners and Astros also lost, so no real harm done. Win today and they still land at 4-2 for the trip.

Hopefully Yusei Kikuchi is well tested. Tai Bradley has tended to get hit pretty hard this year, but also racks up strikeouts. The Jays offence will need to capitalize on his mistakes.

In ourside rooting interests, the Orioles play in Cleveland at 1:40, The Astros and Royals go at 2:10, and Mariners-Rangers starts at 2:35.

Jays Lineup:

  1. RF Springer
  2. SS Bichette
  3. DH Guerrero
  4. 1B Biggio
  5. 3B Chapman
  6. C Kirk
  7. LF Varsho
  8. 2B Merrifield
  9. CF Kiermaier
  10. P Kikuchi

Rays Lineup:

  1. 1B Diaz
  2. LF Ramirez
  3. 3B Mead
  4. 2B Paredes
  5. DH Caminero
  6. RF Lowe, J
  7. CF Margot
  8. C Pinto, R
  9. SS Walls
  10. P Bradley