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Game #161 Game Thread

Tampa Bay Rays v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

The magic number is one. Win today and the Jays can pack their bags for the wildcard round (though you probably want different clothes in Tampa and Minneapolis this time of year, so they may have to hold off on literally packing).

A loss by either Houston or Seattle would also get it done, but they both play later and it’d be better for the Jays to just do it themselves. By guaranteeing their spot, they could also use tomorrow’s game to set up the pitching staff for the playoffs, lining Gausman up for game one and resting the key relievers. It’d be much better not to have to sweat tomorrow’s game.

Rays Lineup:

  1. Caminero, 3B
  2. Arozarena, LF
  3. Ramirez, H, DH
  4. Paredes, 1B
  5. Mead, 2B
  6. Lowe, RF
  7. Margot, CF
  8. Bethancourt, C
  9. Walls, SS
  10. Armstrong, P

Jays Lineup:

  1. Springer, DH
  2. Biggio, RF
  3. Guerrero, 1B
  4. Bichette, SS
  5. Kirk, C
  6. Kiermaier, CF
  7. Chapman, 3B
  8. Merrifield, 2B
  9. Varsho, LF
  10. Ryu, P