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Poll Time: Do You Approve of the Job John Schneider is doing?

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Toronto Blue Jays v Colorado Rockies Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

So this will be fun.

My usual complaints about managers are generally centred around bullpen usage. I prefer to use a reliever who is doing well for a second inning than to try the next guy. But it seems baseball doesn’t do that anymore. Part of it is that relievers throw full out on every pitch now.

I hate using every arm in the pen.

The flip side is that if a pitcher pitches just an inning, he can be used the next day (though sometimes a player can go the next day even if they do two innings). My line is if you use enough relievers, you will find the one who doesn’t have it that night.

The other part is that if you use up all your high-leverage arms, things will get tough in extra innings. I know extra innings don’t happen like they used to, but it still happens occasionally.

But I do understand that managers are closer to the pitchers than we are, know how they are feeling and can see more than we do.

And I’d often leave a starter in for an extra inning. Again, the manager and pitching coach are closer to the player than I am. And they likely see things I don’t, but I’m old, and it bothers me when a starter, doing well, comes out at 80 pitches.

Other things:

  • I had when a manager says, “We are going to be more aggressive.” I hate when the manager convinces the players to be more aggressive. We run into way too many outs because we want to be aggressive. When guys make the majors, I think they have a sense of when they can push it and when they can’t. You tell them to be aggressive, and they ignore what they ignore their good sense on occasion.
  • I dislike guys stealing third. I think stealing third should only happen if you are 100% sure you will be safe and then only if there is one out. No outs, and you are standing on second. The inning has started well. Let's see how things go. If you are on second with two outs (and you have to speed to steal), you will score from second on any hit.
  • Everyone complains about lineup construction, with every manager. I’m not a fan of doing that. I used to be. Cito used Devon White in the leadoff spot when we had Roberto Alomar and Paul Molitor on the team. But then, we know that the difference between the best possible lineup and the worst is roughly a 5% swing, and no manager puts out the worst possible lineup. I still would rather Springer in the middle of the lineup instead of leadoff, but he seems to like the spot, and I’m all for players being comfortable.
  • Fans always want to run the manager out of town unless they win the World Series. Fans wanted Gibby gone (twice), Montoyo gone, and Cito gone. No one will do what each of us wants (since we don’t all speak with the same voice).
  • John would be a much better manager if Vlad were hitting. Last year, Charlie would have been a better manager if Bo was hitting.

Anyway, let’s have the poll:


Do you approve of the job John Schneider is doing?

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  • 8%
    Strongly approve
    (177 votes)
  • 23%
    Mildly approve
    (469 votes)
  • 15%
    (310 votes)
  • 30%
    Mildly disapprove
    (621 votes)
  • 22%
    Strongly disapprove
    (452 votes)
2029 votes total Vote Now

I don’t have anywhere else to put this right now, so...

Sam Blum in the Athletic has a story up about Taylor Ward’s recovery from being hit in the face by Alek Manoah’s pitch.

Ward watched two sliders float toward the same up-and-in location, and out of the pitcher’s hand, the third offering appeared to be doing the same. But it didn’t slide, it didn’t float, it didn’t bend or break. By the time Ward realized this, it was too late.

The ball hit him flush. He crumpled to the ground as team trainers frantically sprinted to his side.

The aftermath:

Coming out of the operation, Ward could not eat solid foods, forced to consume only liquids and broth. Nor could he breathe out of his nose because of four-inch splints in each nostril. He said he’s become “a mouth breather” and a heavy snorer, acknowledging he’s probably become a nuisance to his wife.

It’s been a little more than a month since surgery. Ward still hasn’t been able to drink through a straw.

It is well worth reading if you have a subscription to the Athletic.