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St Louis Cardinals v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

The Jays are, very irritatingly, not giving us anything to talk about, so let’s have a question.

Who would you pick if you could take any two players from the 2000 Blue Jays team (at the age they were then) and add them to the 2024 Blue Jays roster.

I’m saying two players because everyone should pick Carlos Delgado (wouldn’t he be the perfect bat in the middle of our current lineup?), but who after that?

The 2000 Blue Jays were an interesting group. They finished third in the AL East, with an 83-79 record, but had four batters with 30+ home runs: Delgado, Tony Batista, Jose Cruz, and Brad Fullmer. And three more guys with 20+ homers, Darren Fletcher, Shannon Stewart and Raul Mondesi.

They also had a 23-year-old Roy Halladay (who had a 10.64 ERA). And David Wells (4.11), Kelvim Escobar (5.35), Chris Carpenter (6.36) and Frank Castillo (3.59) in the rotation. Billy Koch had 33 saves.

Please give us your choices.

And, if anyone in the Jays’ Front Office happens to have come by this web page by mistake GIVE US SOME TO TALK ABOUT, DAMN IT.