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Friday Bantering: Bits of Baseball News

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Boston Red Sox v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

There are little bits of baseball news, if not much for actual Blue Jays news.

The team did announce they are adding two coaches:

I would be interested to see what the Mental Performance coach does. I wonder if he could make me a better squash player (yeah, I doubt it).

We have a lot of coaches:

I wondered why we were told that Jorden Hicks wasn’t ‘a match’ for the Jays. This is likely it:

It would be interesting to watch him become a starter, but I feel that the team would want to put him back in the pen at the first sign of adversity.

Alex Anthopoulos will be the GM and President of Baseball Operations of the Braves through the 2031 season. That sounds like a long way into the future. I’m glad for him.

The Yankees signed Marcus Stroman for two years and $37 million, with a vesting option (if he throws 140 innings in 2025, he’ll be a Yankees for three years.

I hate when players I like sign with the Yankees. Marcus, I was a fan, but now....

It sounds like the odds are that we won’t see Wander Franco in the MLB for a long while. He’s likely to be banned from entering the US (and I’d imagine Canada).

“The likelihood he would come into the U.S., even if he had a valid visa that wasn’t revoked, is minimal,” said Khazaeli, who also has worked in senior immigration positions for both the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Labor.

“To be honest, if I was his immigration attorney, I would tell him not to even try. Then he would open himself up to being detained at the border (by U.S. Customs and Border Protection) and being put into custody here until an administrative adjudication of these claims.”

I want to think that MLB wouldn’t let him play unless the charges are untrue.