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Tuesday Bantering: Yariel Rodriguez?

World Baseball Classic Quarterfinals: Australia v Cuba Photo by Kenta Harada/Getty Images

Once again, there is little for Jay’s news.

Enrique Rojas tells us that the Jays are the front runners to sign Cuban pitcher Yariel Rodriguez (we’ve seen this movie before; there is a twist ending; the phone call was coming from inside Dodger Stadium).

Rodriguez pitched in Japan for a couple of seasons and had a 3.03 ERA in 175.1 innings with 77 walks and 188 strikeouts. And he pitched for Cuba in the WBC.

He throws mid-90s (averaging 96.2 mph in a showcase this fall. And he has a curve and slider. If the Jays signed him, he would be a starting depth or setup man (I’d say multi-inning reliever, but we don’t seem to use those).

Jose Bautista is an investor in a USL soccer team in Las Vegas (the Lights FC).

“As a former professional athlete who loves business and sports, investing in sports teams is almost something that you always dream of,” Bautista said in a video call. “I got lucky that the Las Vegas conversation got started by coincidence through a mutual friend and just understanding there was a possibility, I immediately entertained it, knowing what’s happening in Vegas and what’s going to continue to happen in Vegas with sports in the last few years and onto the future.”

I don’t know if a soccer team in Vegas will be a money-making venture.

Vladimir Guerrero's younger brother, Vladi Miguel, has signed a minor league contract with the Mets as an international free agent. He’s a left-handed batter. I’d take a shot on anyone from that family.

Our old friend Jacob Waguespack has signed with the Rays. He played in Japan for the last two years.