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Toronto Blue Jays v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

We are on day 75 of no Jays news. I guess that’s not true. They signed Yariel Rodríguez. Beyond that, there hasn’t been much.

There is a lot of talk about Joey Votto. The Jays and Angels have been talking to him. I’d rather they give at-bats to one of their prospects than to a 40-year-old coming off two poor seasons.

I don’t know. I guess there is a desire to have a Canadian, but I’d rather have a younger player who’s more likely to be good. Players tend not to improve at 40 (in the post-PEDs era). He’s had one good season in the past four (one season with a bWAR above 0). Maybe he could surprise me, but if we are betting on a surprise, let it be Davis Schneider.

I want the team to sign an RHB to play left field against lefties.

I’d be ok with signing Matt Chapman (not that it would excite me).

I would be okay with Justin Turner or J.D. Martinez, and I’d be okay with Cody Bellinger or Joc Pederson.

Some of those guys won’t sign until after spring training starts.

Bo Bichette was on the Blair and Barker show and said, “It’s time to get it done.”

Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I’ve had a very good birthday week. And it keeps going. We are having a party on Saturday afternoon at my favourite pub. Last year, we got there when it opened and left when it closed. I hope this year will be a little shorter, but if you are in the Calgary area and want to come by and have a drink, email me.

FOCO has a new line of bobbleheads. It is a little different, a bobblehead holding a smaller bobblehead of himself. They are on sale until tomorrow (I’m late mentioning this). It is a pre-order. The Blue Jays one is of Vlad Guerrero.