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Question Time: Baseball Trip?

Roadside Attractions

This is the time of year I start thinking about a baseball trip to see the Jays. Well, it used to be before everything went bad.

I haven’t had a trip to see baseball since before Covid. The year it came, I planned to go to KC and see the Negro League Hall of Fame. I want to go to KC, but the Jays play there in April, and I can’t get away then. And I have a friend who is a Chiefs fan and it would be fun to see them play. For some reason, they don’t play football in April.

I wanted to go to Toronto last year, but the hotel prices were too high, and I couldn’t talk myself into it.

The Jays are in Seattle in July, but we already have a trip planned for July this year. The Jays play the Cubs in Chicago in mid-August. I’ve never been to Wrigley. I enjoyed Chicago when I saw the Jays play the White Sox. It is a great city for music. Buddy Guy’s Blue Club was great.

Take a look at the schedule and tell us about any road trip you might want to take this year.