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Hall of Fame Poll Results

Toronto Blue Jays v Texas Rangers

If we were the voters for the Baseball Hall of Fame, Adrián Beltré, Gary Sheffield, Todd Helton, Joe Mauer, and Andruw Jones would be going into the Hall this year (well, Mauer got 74.9% and Jones 75.1%, so Mauer wouldn’t make it, but I’m going to ignore).

Looking at the Hall of Fame Tracker, we and the Writers agree on four (Beltré, Mauer, Helton, and Mauer). Billy Wagner is the one above 75% they have, and we don’t. And we have Jones. But this is with only 32% of the Writers' known vote. Sheffield is on 75.6% of those votes, so he’s likely to drop under 75. Mauer, Helton, and Wagner could drop below that, too. Beltré is on 98.4% of the known votes. He’ll make it in.

Personally, as well as the ones we had, I’d vote for Wagner, Ramirez, and Rodriguez. If I had a vote left, I’d vote for Bautista, just cause he’s a favourite and I would like him not to be a one-and-done. You could talk me into a vote for Buehrle if you tried.