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Who Is Your Team In The Superbowl


It is Superbowl Sunday, so there will be little to no baseball news (watch the Jays make a big move just to prove me wrong).

The Chiefs are the favourites by 2 points, which is about as close to ‘pickem’ as you can get. I’m hoping for a good game. If it is close, I’ll be happy. I don’t have a team in the NFL. I like watching, but with the 162 Blue Jays games where I live and die with the result, it is good to watch a sport and not care. I’ll cheer the good plays for either team.

You can bet on anything: the coin toss, the first team to call a timeout, the first coach's challenge, or any number of things. You could win a lot of money if you bet the opening kickoff will be returned for a touchdown. I’m sure you could bet on how many times the TV camera shows Taylor Swift. I wish they would let her watch the game in peace, but that’s not what will happen. I’m all for her watching the game, I just think, if I was her, I’d like to watch without the camera showing me so much. You could win a lot of money if you bet the opening kickoff would be returned for a touchdown, and it happened.

I’m sure you can make any number of bets on Usher’s halftime show. I’m not a huge fan, but I will watch his show.

Personally, I can’t bet on the sports. I know my personality, which could be a slippery slope to having a problem. I tell a story about neighbours who, one day, had someone come and take all their furniture. The father had a gambling problem. Lessons you learn when you are young stay with you.

Let us know who you are cheering for, who you think will win, and your guess at the final score. And/or anything else you’d like to say about the game. And we can use this as a GameThread if you aren’t watching at a party and you want to chat during the game.


Which team are you cheering for?

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