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Guerrero Wins In Arbitration

Wild Card Series - Toronto Blue Jays v Minnesota Twins - Game Two Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

Vladimir Guerrero had the arbitrator ruled in his favour; he will make $19.9 million this season. The team number was $18.05 million.

How the arbitrators decide is anyone’s guess. I want the job. But I’m always happy to see the play win.

Now, let’s see a good season from him.

There were a couple of signings today:

  • Gary Sanchez: One year, $7 million, with the Brewers.
  • The Astros signed Jose Altuve to a five-year extension. He’s getting a $15 million signing bonus and will make $30 million from 2025 to 2027, and then $10 for 2028 and 2029.