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Friday Bantering: Yariel Rodriguez Signing Is Official

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2023 World Baseball Classic: Quarterfinal Team Australia v. Team Cuba Photo by Yuki Taguchi/WBCI/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Happy Friday. For those of you keeping count, it is day 9 of Dry Feb (it is also National Pizza Day, and I’ve been craving pizza). I have tried many fake beers, and I honestly don’t like any of them. As well as getting up beer, I’ve been giving up colas because I’m trying to use the month to drop a couple of pounds. I am down six this month.

I may buy myself a ‘golden ticket’ for the Super Bowl.

The Jays have officially announced the signing of Yariel Rodriguez. He is getting a 5-year contract, getting $32 million (it was originally thought to be a 4-year deal).

Otto Lopez has been DFAed to make room on the 40-man roster (so I will no longer be calling him Otto Velez, but then we don’t know if any team will take him off waivers). Lopez is out of options, so the team picking him up on waivers would have to keep him on the active roster or expose him to waivers again (Otto Velez is also out of options).

The plan is that he will be ‘starting depth’ and will be pitching in multiple roles. I’m guessing one-inning reliever because we only have starters and one-inning relievers.

Keith Law has his ranking of the MLB farm systems. He has the Blue Jays 20th (considering they have been pretty low down in the drafting order, that’s not all that surprising). About the Jays, he says:

The Jays have some really exciting guys in the low minors, but a large number of returning prospects stalled or even took steps backward last year, guys like Tucker Toman, Brandon Barriera, Gabriel Martinez, Manuel Beltre and Dasan Brown. They did get a big year from Orelvis Martinez (No. 57), restoring hope he can be an above-average regular in the majors, and got one of the steals of the first round in shortstop Arjun Nimmala (No. 59) in the last draft.

Number one on the list is the Orioles (they have been at the top of the drafting order for several years there).

At the bottom of the list is the A’s. Yeah, they are near the top of the draft list every year, and they trade for prospects continuously, but then they are too cheap to sign anyone who wants money.

Other news:

  • The Rangers signed Adolis Garcia to a two-year contract worth $14 million. They were due to go to arbitration next week.
  • No one knows where the A’s will play in 2025 (or beyond that, as far as that goes). The team will play in Oakland this season. The plan is to play in Vegas in 2028 (presuming they can finally finish a deal with the city, state, and others). MLB has made a mess of this ‘move’. The mayor of Las Vegas has said she doesn’t want the team. Local business leaders don’t seem all that excited by it. I’ll admit, with how poorly the A’s are run, I wouldn’t want them either. Vegas would rather wait until baseball decides to expand and then get a team with owners who care about the game.

I wanted to show off my new toy, a Dave Stieb bobblehead. I thought FOCO did a very nice job of getting his face and the start of his windup. I have too many bobbleheads.