Report: Robbie Ray signing with Mariners


Best shape of my life warning


It's never too early for the first BSOML quote

Wander Franco signs $223 million 12-year extension


The Rays do what I'd like the Jays to do with Vladimir Guerrero and Bo Bichette.

MLB Rules Testing in the Atlantic League


Rules changes to fix baseball's slowly increasing boredom problem are being tested in the Atlantic League. Danny Barnes is in this article!

Joe West to retire


Cowboy Joe to finally ride into the sunset.

Jays get approval for 30,000 fans


Sportsnet tells us that the Jays will be allowed 30,000 fans in the ballpark for the last series.

Springer 'expected' to start tonight


That's good news.

Report: Otto Lopez has been called up


If this is true, there must be an infielder going on the IL I'd guess. We'll find out in the mornng.

Axford out for the season


Bo Bichette writes about returning to Toronto


This is great. Bo writes about his feelings about coming back to Toronto for the Players Tribune. It is great.