Roto Hardball asks if Travis D'Arnaud will be blocked by JP Arencibia


"One thing to remember is Toronto Blue Jays General Manager Alex Anthopoulos has worked hard to acquire "his guys" through prospect trades and the draft. Arencibia is a holdover from the previous regime. A.A. acquired D'Arnaud knowing Arencibia was already in the system. Travis D'Arnaud is going to receive an opportunity to wrestle the job away. I'm confident he'll make the most of it."

Jose Bautista on being the top vote getter


Jose Bautista talked to Mike Wilner about the All-Star Game.

Updated Elias Rankings as of July 2nd


Here are the newly updated Elias Rankings: Hill has fallen to Type B status but not by much. Frasor, Rauch, Dotel, Camp, Francisco, Janssen are all fairly entrenched in Type B status as well. Frasor has a shot at Type A though.

Did the Jays get the best of the Gose trade in the end?


If you haven't seen it, check out Satchel Price's article in the title link. He takes a look back at the Michael Taylor trade for Brett Wallace, who as you likely know was eventually traded for Anthony Gose. It's early but have to say I like Gose's long term potential compared to the other two players. Might end up none of them become star offensive MLB players but at least Gose has great speed and defensive tools at a key position. A win for AA in my eyes.

Jays sign Dominican SS - Dawel Lugo


Jays continue to tap the Latin American well, sign Dawel Lugo, a 16 year old prospect for 1.3 million dollars.

Snider Recalled, Rivera DFA


As per John Lott and Gregor Chisholm's tweets: #BlueJays DFA Juan Rivera. Snider will be recalled tomorrow.

All-Star Rosters Announced: Jose Bautista the Only Jay


I thought Adam Lind might have a chance but he's not on. No Jays in the final vote either.

Toronto Cultural Field Guide, or: My Brief Fling with Another Team, Another City


I like this Bluebird Banter you have, and am interested in your thoughts on my admittedly dated take on your fair city. Thanks in advance.

Jayson Nix DFA'd; McCoy Up.


Jayson Nix DFA'd; McCoy Up.

Xrays and ct scan on Escobar neg. He's day to day


Xrays and ct scan on Escobar neg. He's day to day

Shi Davidi Tweet