Rogers Centre baseball field broken down for last time this year


Goodbye baseball. Can't wait to see you again.

Classy end to the ALCS library feud


It was an incredible series, and the friendly feud between the Kansas City, Missouri and Toronto public libraries has come to an end with a classy goodbye message.

Scary pumpkin is scary


Happy Halloween Blue Jays Fans #CalebHumphreys #GoJaysGo #ComeTOgether

A photo posted by Morgueco Cortez (@themarcocortez) on

Scary pumpkin carvings: Ghosts, witches, and bearded "home run" catcher Caleb Humphreys.

Don Cherry, take it easy on the conspiracy theories


On Twitter, Don Cherry thinks a bad call adds up to an MLB conspiracy to keep the Blue Jays out of the World Series. But you know, bad calls happen.

The Walrus - "Big Bad Bautista"


Big Bad Bautista

The Blue Jays’ anti-hero at the bat

A nice piece by Stacey May Fowles on the attempts by media and other members of the baseball community to portray Bautista as the "Bad Guy" and their resort to the "unwritten rules of the game".

As a proud batflip-shirt and Bautista-jersey owner I fully endorse her position!

Are you ready for Game 6?


Marcus Stroman is ready. Are you?

Joe Carter touched them all 22 years ago today for the Blue Jays


Are similar heroics on offer tonight in Game 6 of the ALCS?

I don't think the Sun understands how this works


If given the chance to bet, I'd put a million dollars on the Jays not losing two games in Kansas City

Hear Me Now - ALDS Final


Hear Me Now - ALDS Final

Very scary, if you aren't a Jays fan.


And my wife wants me to carve out a cat's face.....geeze