Marcus Stroman: 'Positive vibes only'


No use dwelling on the first two games, Toronto Blue Jays fans.

Blue Jays fans sing along with Michael Burgess' O Canada from the 1992 World Series


It was a touching tribute to Michael Burgess, the famed tenor who died of cancer on September 28. The Blue Jays played his performance of O Canada during the 1992 World Series in his memory before Game 1 of the American League Division Series.

The Canadian Embassy in D.C. raises the Blue Jays flag


Go Jays go.

Our first playoff lineup in 22 years.


3 hours and 15 minutes to game time.

GET PUMPED UP with this video


Since I can't seem to link to the video, you get to go to TSN for it. Jays video set to Thunderstruck, and it's REALLY good.

Blue Jays Public Screening Nathan Philips Square


It's happening. Public screening/viewing of Blue Jays playoff games outside City Hall.

#ComeTogether to watch your @BlueJays at Toronto City Hall on the big screen. See you in the #BirdsNest!

— John Tory (@JohnTory) 7. Oktober 2015

No ALDS viewing parties at Rogers Centre


A little unexpected, but there will be no Rogers Centre viewing parties for the ALDS.

Marcus Stroman tweets that he's starting game 2


I didn't think there was any doubt that he was going to start game two, but now we have it official.

Guess who is on the cover of S.I.?


They couldn't have picked a better team to feature. I like this quote from Gibby: "The night we clinched, I celebrated for about 10 minutes and came back here…. I felt relief. I thought about how it’s been so long for me to get here…. I’ve really been fortunate just to have the opportunity to coach or manage in the big leagues. But I never wanted to look back and just say I was glad to get a chance to coach or manage. I wanted to say that I won something in the big leagues. And I think there’s more ahead than just the AL East." You can read more about it here.