Osuna Matata


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It means no worries, for the rest of your game.

Tonight's lineup


Darwin (insert your own evolution joke here) and Smoak in.



Fround in the lobby in MNP's Toronto office: Autographed picture of Pillar's catch and the piece of the M that he kicked a hole in

Statcast: Kevin Pillar reached a top speed of 21.5 mph Sunday


Kevin Pillar flew around the the bases to score on Ben Revere's single to shallow center.

Josh Donaldson is closing in on the 2-spot RBI record


Sure it helps to have the rest of the Blue Jays on your side, but this is still impressive.

Ryan Goins Statcast


The Statcast of Ryan Goins' terrific play at shortstop last night. One of the plays of the season?

Edwin Encarnacion back in lineup after missing two games


Edwin Encarnacion was out with a left middle finger injury.