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2023 Bluebird Banter AMA

The 2023 round of our annual tradition

Sporcle: Which Blue Jays have worn #36 since Drew Hutchison?

Prediction Time: Wild Card

BBB Glossary Update

The Annual BBB Introduction Post

You said rock ‘n’ roll is such a corporate racket

The Annual BBB Over/Under Prediction Game Results

World Series Prediction Thread

The Great 2021 Bluebird Banter Haiku Contest

The Second Annual Bluebird Banter Over/Under Prediction Game

Can you predict baseball?

The Annual BBB Introduction Post

And I remember every town And every hotel room Every song I ever sang On a guitar out of tune

Make your 2021 MLB Predictions

Happy Birthday to Us

FanPost Monday: Rank your favorite MLB teams, first to last

The Wreck of the Tampa Bay Rays?

One can only hope

Off-Topic: Give us your NHL Qualifying Round Picks

The Official Bluebird Banter Glossary

All your favourite terms in one place (v2)

Blue Jays Sporcle: Where have the Blue Jays played?

A quiz on all the ballparks in which the Blue Jays have played regular season games.

The Annual BBB Introduction Post: The Sequel

It was just the first of many bad decisions

Make your 2020 MLB Predictions

Could the Toronto Blue Jays find a home on a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier?

Would the United States Navy lend one of their Nimitz-class aircraft carriers for the Blue Jays to play regular season games?

An evaluation of the Blue Jays’ renovations of Dunedin’s TD Ballpark

So, the Blue Jays have a newly renovated Florida ballpark. What’s changed?

Weekend Fun: Guess the First Game

Post the starting lineups for the first game you ever attended, and we’ll all try to guess the game

The Annual BBB Introduction Post

It was not a place for law biding citizens

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2020 Adopt-A-Jay

Blue Jays release 2020 promo and event schedule

Featuring not one but two Vlad Jr bobbleheads

The Official Bluebird Banter Glossary

All your favourite terms in one easy to find place

A Critique of the Blue Jays 2020 Wall Calendar

New year, same fails

The Best Moments from the Blue Jays 2019 Season

The start of the Royal Youth Uprising

Give us your Grey Cup prediction

Bluebird Banter World Series Prediction Contest

Bluebird Banter LCS Prediction Contest

The First Annual Bluebird Banter Over/Under Prediction Game Results

Did you correctly predict ball?


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