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Moonraker: Travis Snider

Jo-Bau or Jedi: Jose Bautista

Vdub: Vernon Wells

JPA: J.P. Arencibia

Scrabble: Marc Rzepczynski

EE, E^3, E5: Edwin Encarnacion

Snakeface: Scott Downs, for obvious reasons. We are going to miss him.

J-Mac, Johnny Mac, PMoD/Prime Minister of Defence: John McDonald

BOTSO: "Brains Of The Sportsnet Operations", referring to Buck Martinez and Pat Tabler

BanHammer: The tool JohnnyG BowlingGuy_25 and Gerse (and sometimes Hugo or Tom or Minor Leaguer) uses to keep this place under control. If you get hit with the BanHammer, you are gone.

Suckage Awards:

Hinske: Suckage Batter of the Day

Towers: Suckage Starting Pitcher, named after Josh

Batista: Suckage Reliever, named after Miguel

WPA: Win Probability Added, basically the amount a players adds to or subtracts from our chance of winning a game.

PQS: Pure Quality Start, means....oh heck just look here.

WAR: Wins Above Replacement, the number of more wins a season a team would have with a player compared to a mythical 'replacement' player, the kind that can always be found but isn't good.

UZR: Ultimate Zone Rating, the number of runs a fielder is above or below average for his position.

FIP: Fielding Independent Pitching, the runs a pitcher would allow not considering fielders contributions. Is based on walks, home runs and strikeouts.

BABIP: Batting Average on Balls in Play. Hits minus homers divided by at bats minus strikeouts and home runs plus strikeouts.

SSS: Small Sample Size. The idea that a player hasn't had enough playing time for his statistics to be of any real value.